Style Your Baskets: Wall Art

We’re thrilled to finally be able to share behind the scenes at Happy Piece, how we work with our artisan partners, our best colour and pattern inspiration, ethical finds for work and play and the different ways you can style your baskets.

When we sell at markets and fairs one of the most frequent comments are “they are beautiful but I don’t know where I’d put it”. We just took it for granted that everyone could see the many wonderful, functional and beautiful ways you could use our woven baskets. But it turns out some of you need some tips. Which is OK because we have lots of them ūüėČ

While we also share styling ideas on our Instagram account, we thought it might make it easier for you if you could also view them on our website.

Enter our Style Your Basket column!

This column will share the multiple ways you can style Happy Piece baskets and bowls. We have lots of ideas and can’t wait to share them.

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Wall Art

This week we’re sharing ideas for using your woven baskets and bowls as wall art! Over the last few years, more people are recognising the beauty in displaying baskets on the walls. They’re so versatile and always a talking point with guests.

Every Happy Piece basket comes with a small woven loop at the back making it easy and quick to hang.

Here our some of our favourite styled looks:

1. Grouped together in different sizes

Image via Local + Lejos

Our favourite way to hang our baskets is in the entryway. Wow your visitors as soon as they come in with a selection of geometric patterned baskets. Vary the patterns and sizes for a stunning effect.

2. Feature Wall

Image via ChicVille USA

A feature wall full of African baskets? Yes please. I’ve wanted to implement a feature wall in our studio for a while now and after seeing this I really need to make it happen. Don’t they look amazing?

3. Above a sideboard

Photo via oldbrandnew

A wall of geometric African baskets above a cabinet or sideboard can add a stylish look with lots of texture.

4. A reading nook

Photo via Trendspanarna 

A few small baskets paired with a photo or picture adds a casual yet stylish look to the wall around this cozy seating area.

5. Above the fireplace

Photo via Mister Zimi

A selection of baskets placed above a fireplace creates an alternative look to the usual framed art or mirror.

6. Contrasting colours above a side table

Another entryway look. Add a couple of our colourful geometric African baskets to the wall above a side table or small entryway table and turn it into a fun feature.

Where would you hang your baskets?